Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments You Can Get in One Office Visit

Beautiful,African,American,Woman,With,Black,Curly,Hair When it comes to cosmetic dentistry procedures, there are many options that can rejuvenate your smile in a single visit. Some laser dentistry treatments can be achieved in just a single office visit, depending on the condition of your teeth. Examples are teeth whitening, tartar removal, and a gingival lift (gum surgery).

Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry on Park uses advanced laser surgery to perform many procedures. The benefits of laser dentistry over archaic methods include a minimal or no need for anesthesia because the laser is so precise. There is little to no bleeding. There is less pain and reduced swelling. Treatment time is much faster, and a lot can be accomplished in one office visit.

Teeth Whitening in One Office Visit

In-office teeth whitening is accomplished using bleaching chemicals and/or laser surgery. We can eliminate stains caused by food, coffee drinking, tobacco use, injuries, and age. Laser treatment includes a whitening solution activated by laser light and applied to the teeth. Results are usually seen immediately after one session.

Tartar Removal in One Office Visit

Tartar is a tough substance that adheres to the enamel on the teeth. Tartar can be ugly and cause discoloration of the teeth. If left in place, it may cause further dental problems and contribute to gum disease. It is difficult, if not impossible, to remove by brushing your teeth. A dentist must professionally remove it with a thorough cleaning.

The most effective same-day procedure for tartar removal is to use a laser. The laser equipment is fine-tuned with such precision that it can remove the tartar and leave the underlying enamel intact.

Gingival Lift in One Office Visit

A gingival lift is a type of gum surgery. This cosmetic dental procedure is accomplished using a dental laser. It is used to reshape and contour the gum line and reduce visible gums to make them less prominent. The precision of the laser allows the dentist to remove only the undesired portion of the gum.

Give Yourself a Bright New Smile

These popular procedures improve your smile and increase satisfaction when you look in the mirror. Dr. Joseph Osipow and Dr. Daniil Payziyev are among the best cosmetic dentists on the Upper East Side, carrying on Dentistry on Park’s legacy of over 35 years of service.

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