How Long to Wait for Dental Work After Kybella®

Doctor,Fixing,Female,Patient,Napkin,In,Modern,Dental,Clinic Kybella® is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for treating a double chin non-surgically. In addition to offering in-office treatments, the team at Dentistry on Park also helps patients manage their dental care after injections. Many do not realize there is a waiting period for oral health treatment after Kybella to avoid discomfort.

Why You Should Wait for Dental Work After Kybella

Kybella causes swelling at the treatment site, which can impact the dentist’s ability to work in your mouth. This swelling and discomfort is temporary, but it could be worsened by undergoing any oral health procedures shortly after your injections.

It’s best to wait at least two weeks after Kybella to have routine dental work done; if you need oral surgery, then you should wait at least four weeks to ensure that you have healed adequately and your swelling has completely subsided.

Having Work Done Too Soon Could Negatively Affect Your Results

It takes time for Kybella to destroy the fat cells that cause a double chin. Since dental work can place stress on the jaw and facial muscles, it could also impact how the injection works and your final results.

To ensure that you stay comfortable and your results are what you’re hoping for, it’s best to wait for dental care unless it is an emergency. It’s also best to schedule fillings or cleanings that you need prior to Kybella, so you can focus solely on recovering from your treatment without any concerns.

Get Kybella From a Dentist For Expert Care

Dental professionals have studied the human face and oral cavity extensively; they understand the anatomy of the facial region at the deepest level, so they can offer precise placement of injections that maximize results and minimize discomfort.

Dentists are also skilled injectors, which can eliminate or drastically reduce unwanted side effects of poor injections, such as intense bruising and swelling.

Furthermore, the dentist is able to directly tell you how any possible work you need would be affected by receiving Kybella. They can manage your care before or after and help you come up with a treatment timeline that addresses all your needs and cosmetic concerns.

To learn more about Kybella in NYC, contact Dentistry on Park at 212-570-6060.

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